We are an environmental consulting firm offering a range of services to support policy development, planning, training, outreach and facilitation for international clients in industry, government, and non-profit sectors.

Tim Robertson, one of Nuka Research’s founding partners, transitioned out of company ownership in 2020 after 15 years. Tim remains actively involved as an employee. Nuka Research is owned by Elise DeCola and Sierra Fletcher.


Elise DeCola
General Manager
Sierra Fletcher
Operations Manager
Tim Robertson
Principal Consultant

Project Managers

Bretwood Higman
Sr Project Manager
Mike Popovich
Sr Project Manager
Richard Packard
Sr Project Manager
Sharry Miller
Sr Project Manager
John Konovsky
Project Manager
Sam Butler
Project Manager

Associates & Staff

Alisha Chartier
Senior Associate
Kathleen George
Graphic Artist
Christine Hall
Account Manager
Sara Nichols
Olivia Norton
Senior Associate
Haley Griffin