Inland Geographic Response Plan Development for Lake Champlain, Vermont

Nuka Research was contracted by the US EPA to work with  Vermont communities and stakeholders around Lake Champlain to develop Geographic Response Plans on Lake Champlain and its tributaries with input through a workgroup process. This project included the development of 15 GRPS providing workgroup approved oil spill response tactics. These tactics can be used … Read more

Fall 2018 Geographic Response Plan and First Responder Training Exercises

Every year, Nuka Research conducts seven GRP exercises throughout the state of Massachusetts to prepare them in the event of an oil spill. In Fall of 2018, Nuka Research will plan and facilitate four Geographic Response Plan Exercises in the towns of Nantucket, Revere, and Somerset. 2018 marked off the 10th year of GRP exercises, … Read more

ASTM Skimmer Trials for High Efficiency Skimming System

Opportunities to test oil spill response equipment in the real world are few and far between. Test tanks provide an opportunity to test full scale response equipment in a controlled environment, to support research and development and responder proficiency. Nuka Research is supporting efficiency testing of oleophilic skimmers in accordance with ASTM F2709-15 in order … Read more