Phasing Out the Use of Heavy Fuel Oil in the Canadian Arctic: Impacts to Northern Communities

Nuka Research was contracted by WWF-Canada to assess the economic and social implications to a ban on the use and carriage for use of Heavy Fuel oil (HFO) by vessels operating in the Canadian Arctic. This analysis included an economic assessment, conducted by Northern Economics. The project included multiple analyses to identify the many impacts … Read more

Shipping Transitions in Arctic Alaska: The 2020 Sulfur Cap and an HFO Ban

In anticipation of the global 2020 sulfur cap for vessel emissions based on the IMO, Ocean Conservancy contracted Nuka Research to develop a report describing how this may impact vessels operating in Arctic Alaska. A potential HFO ban in Arctic waters was also being considered at the International Maritime Organization at the time of the … Read more

Testing Inland Geographic Response Plans – Moose and Merrimack Rivers (New Hampshire)

Nuka Research developed GRPs for Inland rivers on the Moose, Androscoggin, and Merrimack Rivers with US EPA and local stakeholders in the Summer of 2017. In the Summer of 2018, Nuka Research had the opportunity to test the effectiveness of these GRPs with local first responders and the state agencies that helped develop the plans. … Read more