Cook Inlet Harbor Safety Committee Facilitation

The Cook Inlet Harbor Safety Committee (CIHSC) was established based on a recommendation from the Cook Inlet Marine Risk Assessment and the desire in the maritime community to have a productive forum for marine safety issues specific to Cook Inlet, Alaska. Nuka Research facilitates committee and board meetings, manages meeting logistics and scheduling, and provides technical input … Read more

US Canada Oil and Gas Forum

The bi-annual U.S.-Canada Oil Northern Oil and Gas Research Forum convenes government, academic, industry, and non-profit researchers, regulators, and other stakeholders to share research and perspectives related to oil and gas activities in Alaska and Arctic Canada. Topics ranged from governance and stakeholder engagement to technical issues related to air quality and oil spill response. … Read more

Arctic Shipping and Oil Spills: A Learning Exchange for Communities

Elise DeCola, General Manager and Principal Consultant, facilitates a group discussion on Arctic shipping risks and oil spill preparedness in Iqaluit, Nunavut (November 2017).

Diminishing sea ice and development pressures have led to increased Arctic shipping, which in turn increases the risk of oil spills from ships. The impacts of a spill would be borne by the communities in the region, who depend on healthy and clean marine waters for the majority of their food. Despite the severe consequences … Read more

Arctic Shipping and Oil Spills Learning Exchange for Communities

As sea ice diminishes in Arctic regions, shipping patterns are changing, and so are the risks to northern communities. While Inuit communities in Canada’s eastern Arctic are facing new risks, Indigenous communities from other parts of Canada and the U.S. have experience engaging with ship-source oil spill prevention, preparedness, and response. WWF-Canada convened a Learning … Read more

Facilitation of Contaminated Sites

Nuka Research supported ADEC to discuss options for improving the cleanup of contaminated sites on state-owned lands in Alaska. The project included developing a background document on the history of inter-agency coordination on site identification, tracking, and cleanup and facilitation of meetings with land-owning or land-managing state agencies. Areas of agreement and disagreement were summarized … Read more

Inland Geographic Response Plan Development on the Androscroggin and Moose Rivers in New Hampshire

Nuka Research was contracted by the US EPA and to work with New Hampshire communities and stakeholders to develop Geographic Response Plans on the Androscroggin and Moose rivers with input through a workgroup process. This project included the development of 5 GRPS providing workgroup approved oil spill response tactics. These tactics can be used by … Read more

Oil Spill Response Exercise Improvement Analysis

To support ADEC’s ongoing effort to enhance their oil spill response exercise program, Nuka Research developed an extensive outreach project to identify issues and solutions to improve compliance with state oil spill response preparedness regulations. Using state of the art collaboration software, we collected and analyzed thousands of comments from industry; local, state, tribal and … Read more

State of Alaska Hazardous Materials Commodity Flow Study

Nuka Research compiled, analyzed, and presented information on the movement of extremely hazardous substances, hazardous substances, and oil/petroleum products throughout Alaska. The purpose of the project was to provide information to communities and first responders. The study included a literature review, compilation of data from government and industry sources, analysis, and a final report. The … Read more

West Coast Spill Response Study for British Columbia

The Government of British Columbia, through the Ministry of Environment, contracted Nuka Research to follow up on a series of 2013 studies with a worldwide scan of leading practices for oil spill prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery.  CLIENT: British Columbia Ministry of Environment PROJECT DATES:  October 2015

Oil Spill Tech Adoption Workshop

Nuka Research facilitated a workshop for the Oil Spill Recovery Institute to help them better understand the key decision points and decision-makers that determine whether a new oil spill response technology reaches commercialization, the common obstacles to achieving this, and some ways of overcoming those obstacles. More than 25 participants from state and federal government, … Read more