Nuka Research has experience working on a range of projects including environmental sampling, all-hazards and oil spill contingency planning, geospatial data management and visualization, maritime risk assessment, training and exercise facilitation, and policy research and analysis.

Risk Assessments and Related Studies

Nuka Research has conducted several risk assessments and analyses of oil spill risks from transportation by vessels and pipelines.  We have also conducted several studies to assess pollution risks from various marine and terrestrial activities.  spill prevention and risk management activities.

GRP and GRS Development

Nuka Research has been the lead contractor for geographic response plan (GRP) and geographic response strategy (GRS) development in several US regions.  GRP/GRSs are map-based plans that provide tactics and strategies to protect high priority areas from oil impacts.

Response Gap Analyses

Nuka Research pioneered the concept of a “response gap,” which is used to estimate how often environmental conditions exceed the maximum operating limits of oil spill response systems. 

Tactical Manuals for Spill Responders

Nuka Research has developed standardized oil spill response tactics manuals that provide guidance to spill responders and planners regarding the use of response tactics to control and clean up spills and perform other spill-related activities.

Potential Places of Refuge Projects

Nuka Research has facilitated several projects to develop Potential Places of Refuge (PPOR) plans. PPOR are pre-identified sites that may aid decision-makers in responding to vessels in distress in order to protect sensitive areas from impacts from possible spills.

Environmental Monitoring and Field Sampling

Nuka Research has designed and conducted environmental monitoring and field sampling programs, and we specialize in logistical support for remote areas.  We have conducted field sampling programs for contaminant analysis of sediments, water column, and biota.

Oil Spill Response Capacity Analyses

Nuka Research has performed analyses to estimate the capacity of spill response systems to handle oil spills of various sizes.

ShoreZone Mapping

Nuka Research has teamed with Coastal and Ocean Resource, Inc.  (CORI) on a project to develop a digital dataset to assist with regulatory management of proposed offshore oil and gas development in the US Arctic Ocean. 

Emergency Management Plans

Nuka Research has developed FEMA-compliant Emergency Operation Plans (EOP), Local Hazard Mitigation Plans (LHMP), Comprehensive Emergency Management Plans (CEMP), and Continuity of Operations Plans (COOP) for communities ranging from small Alaska Native villages to large regional governments.

Workshops and Technical Seminars

Nuka Research has organized and facilitated many workshops and technical seminars that bring together recognized experts, practitioners, regulators, and stakeholders to address a range of issues or problems.  We are adept at facilitating discussions to build consensus among diverse parties.

Exercises, Drills, and Trainings

Nuka Research has organized, facilitated, and evaluated numerous oil spill and emergency response exercises ranging from tabletops to full-scale functional field exercises following the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP).  

Emergency Towing System Manual and Exercises

Nuka Research has been the lead contractor for the development of an Alaska Emergency Towing System (ETS) manual as well as planning and facilitation of large-scale exercise where the ETS has been deployed.

Comprehensive List of Publications and Posters

We are an active member of the U.S. oil spill prevention and response community, and we regularly attend local and national conferences and other academic and technical forums. We regularly publish scientific and technical articles on topics related to oil spill response policy.