Arctic Shipping and Oil Spills Learning Exchange for Communities

As sea ice diminishes in Arctic regions, shipping patterns are changing, and so are the risks to northern communities. While Inuit communities in Canada’s eastern Arctic are facing new risks, Indigenous communities from other parts of Canada and the U.S. have experience engaging with ship-source oil spill prevention, preparedness, and response.

WWF-Canada convened a Learning Exchange as an opportunity for Indigenous community leaders from Nunavut, the Inuvialuit Settlement Region, Alaska, and British Columbia to come together and addressed common challenges and solutions. Federal and provincial government representatives added to the dialogue. Real-time translation allowed Inuktitut speakers to communicate comfortably with English speakers. The two-day event, held in Iqaluit during the fall of 2017, created new connections and helped to focus efforts to enhance marine spill response preparedness for all participants (read more). 


PROJECT DATES: November 2017