Grays Harbor Oil Spill Response Capacity Analysis

In order to consider how to improve preparedness in the event that an oil spill occurs, communities must first understand the current response system. The Washington Department of Ecology contracted Nuka Research to conduct a Response Capacity Analysis for Grays Harbor, Washington, which analyzes the maximum potential recovery capacity of the systems positioned to respond to a spill in Grays Harbor.

The report uses the public Response Options Calculator developed for NOAA to model oil spills in different scenarios relevant to Grays Harbor. The Response Options Calculator considers a variety of inputs, including oil type, wind speed, water temperature, and detailed recovery system specifications. The report presents the results of a series of scenarios modeled to better understand the impact of different factors on a response in Grays Harbor, and acknowledges the challenges of responding in this high current, confined waterway.

Client: Washington Department of Ecology

Project Dates: October 2018-June 2019