Fall 2018 Geographic Response Plan and First Responder Training Exercises

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Every year, Nuka Research conducts seven GRP exercises throughout the state of Massachusetts to prepare them in the event of an oil spill. In Fall of 2018, Nuka Research will plan and facilitate four Geographic Response Plan Exercises in the towns of Nantucket, Revere, and Somerset. 2018 marked off the 10th year of GRP exercises, and as of the end of the Spring season Nuka Research has conducted 57 exercises and trained over 1,400 first responders in the state of Massachusetts.

Local officials and news media are invited to attend the exercise to experience what a first responder must do in the event of an oil spill and help inform the community about how well first responders are prepared in the event of an oil spill.

Click to view photo albumn from Chelsea & Everett.

CLIENT: Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP)

PROJECT DATES: July 2018-September 2018