West Coast Spill Response Study for British Columbia

The Government of British Columbia, through the Ministry of Environment, contracted Nuka Research to complete a three-volume study to help them to understand and evaluate preparedness for marine oil spills along the west coast. We published three reports:

Volume 1 – Gap Analysis.

We conducted a gap analysis, using qualitative evaluations and quantitative modeling tools to assess the current state of marine oil spill preparedness in BC, and made recommendations for filling gaps and enhancing the current system.


Volume 2 – Vessel Traffic Study.

We analyzed historical vessel traffic movements and estimated future vessel traffic levels along the BC coast. We considered the amount of petroleum products transported as cargo and fuel oil. The analysis looked at vessels calling on Canadian ports as well as those engaged in innocent transit. Vessel types included oil-carrying vessels (tanks and barges), freight vessels, container ships, ferries, and cruise ships.

Volume 3 – World Class Response System Analysis.

We conducted an extensive literature review and analysis to identify international best practices for marine oil spill prevention and response.

CLIENT: British Columbia Ministry of Environment

PROJECT DATES: April – July 2013