Worst Case Discharge Analysis for Offshore Oil and Gas Development in Guyana

Nuka Research was contracted by a consortium of non-governmental organizations to develop and report on a series of offshore well blowout scenarios in Guyana. With support from DNV, a comprehensive report was developed identifying potential oil spill trajectories and overlaying these analyses with important and sensitive ecological, cultural, and socio-economic receptors. 

Grays Harbor Oil Spill Response Capacity Analysis

In order to consider how to improve preparedness in the event that an oil spill occurs, communities must first understand the current response system. The Washington Department of Ecology contracted Nuka Research to conduct a Response Capacity Analysis for Grays Harbor, Washington, which analyzes the maximum potential recovery capacity of the systems positioned to respond … Read more

Testing Inland Geographic Response Plans – Moose and Merrimack Rivers (New Hampshire)

Nuka Research developed GRPs for Inland rivers on the Moose, Androscoggin, and Merrimack Rivers with US EPA and local stakeholders in the Summer of 2017. In the Summer of 2018, Nuka Research had the opportunity to test the effectiveness of these GRPs with local first responders and the state agencies that helped develop the plans. … Read more

Inland Geographic Response Plan Development on the Androscroggin and Moose Rivers in New Hampshire

Nuka Research was contracted by the US EPA and to work with New Hampshire communities and stakeholders to develop Geographic Response Plans on the Androscroggin and Moose rivers with input through a workgroup process. This project included the development of 5 GRPS providing workgroup approved oil spill response tactics. These tactics can be used by … Read more