Facilitating Arctic Oil and Gas Symposium

In the context of potential changes to Canada’s offshore oil and gas activities and regulatory framework in the Arctic, Nuka Research facilitated a 2-day symposium for WWF-Canada. The meeting convened a small group of experts with diverse backgrounds and experiences in Canada, Greenland, United Kingdom, Norway, and the United States. Topics included regulatory approaches in … Read more

Facilitation of Contaminated Sites

Nuka Research supported ADEC to discuss options for improving the cleanup of contaminated sites on state-owned lands in Alaska. The project included developing a background document on the history of inter-agency coordination on site identification, tracking, and cleanup and facilitation of meetings with land-owning or land-managing state agencies. Areas of agreement and disagreement were summarized … Read more

Oil Spill Response Exercise Improvement Analysis

To support ADEC’s ongoing effort to enhance their oil spill response exercise program, Nuka Research developed an extensive outreach project to identify issues and solutions to improve compliance with state oil spill response preparedness regulations. Using state of the art collaboration software, we collected and analyzed thousands of comments from industry; local, state, tribal and … Read more

Oil Spill Tech Adoption Workshop

Nuka Research facilitated a workshop for the Oil Spill Recovery Institute to help them better understand the key decision points and decision-makers that determine whether a new oil spill response technology reaches commercialization, the common obstacles to achieving this, and some ways of overcoming those obstacles. More than 25 participants from state and federal government, … Read more