Adherence to Bering Strait Vessel Routing Measures in 2019

Due to the increasing ship traffic in the Arctic, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) adopted new voluntary routing measures, including recommended routes, precautionary areas, and areas to be avoided in the Bering Strait and Bering Sea Region. To understand the extent to which vessels adhered to these new IMO routing measures in 2019, Nuka Research was … Read more

Overview of Tanker Lightering in Arctic Alaska

Nuka Research was contracted by Ocean Conservancy to develop a report, Overview of Tanker Lightering in Arctic Alaska, to provide a general description on the process of tanker lightering operations in the region. Tanker lightering is the process of transferring petroleum cargo from one vessel to another and is essential for delivering fuel to Western … Read more

Assessment of Demulsification and Oil/Water Separation Technologies

Mechanical recovery of oil spills at sea is a logistically and operationally challenging undertaking. Nuka Research has been working for years to support industry and government in enhancing mechanical response capacity. One constant that we have seen both in field operations and through various modeling tools is the challenge of storage during major offshore recovery … Read more