Elise DeCola

Elise DeCola is a founding Principal and current General Manager of Nuka Research. She is an internationally recognized expert in oil spill preparedness and response planning, maritime transportation, oil industry oversight, and maritime risk assessment.  She is an accomplished strategist and analyst with the ability to synthesize complex technical information to inform policy and decision-making.

Elise began her career in 1996 in legislative affairs, where a graduate fellowship in the Rhode Island Senate led to a role in rewriting state and federal laws governing safe operations of tug and barges. Her career has spanned policy and practice, and Elise has the ability to tackle project ranging from complex data synthesis to hands-on planning projects to advising government and non-profit clients on major environmental policy challenges.  Elise works primarily in the public and non-profit sectors, and has extensive experience working with tribes, First Nations, and Inuit communities to support shipping safety and marine emergency preparedness.  She is an advocate for community-based planning and building resilience through knowledge- and capacity-building. 

Elise holds a B.S. in Environmental Science from the College of William and Mary in Virginia, and an M.A. in Marine Affairs from the University of Rhode Island. Elise’s home base is Plymouth, Massachusetts, where she enjoys cooking, hiking, skiing and playing tennis. 

Email: elise@nukaresearch.com