Tony Parkin

Tony Parkin is an oil spill preparedness and response specialist with over 40 years of global marine experience in the oil and gas industry. He became involved in spill response as a Chief Scientist during the Exxon Valdez oil spill NRDA studies and has since aided the response of numerous large spill incidents, including the Prestige and BP Macondo spills.

Tony has worked for a variety of commercial and non-profit organizations, operating within all aspects of oil spill preparedness and response, from exploration and deep-water oceanography surveys to drill planning and exercise evaluation. He has held roles managing large oil spill contingency plans in Alaska and developing the SERVS technical manual. Tony was the Planning Section Chief for BP Alaska, and the BP representative for the Arctic Oil Spill Technology Joint Industry Program, where he worked to develop innovative approaches to oil spill response in the Arctic. He has participated in oil spill equipment testing and the selection and evaluation of Geographic Response Strategies in Prince William Sound.

Recently retired from his position as Executive Director from the Islands’ Oil Spill Association, and when not working on projects, Tony spends his time boating around the San Juans and coastal BC and also traveling with his family.

Tony has a B.S. in Geology and Oceanography from Swansea University in Wales, 1976.