Sierra Fletcher

Sierra joined Elise and Tim as a co-owner of Nuka Research in 2014. She has worked on and off with the company since 2004, while also expanding her career in other environmental policy areas. From 2004-2008, Sierra worked as a Project Associate and then Project Manager, during which time she played a key supporting role … Read more

Elise DeCola

Elise DeCola is a founding Principal and current General Manager of Nuka Research. She is an internationally recognized expert in oil spill preparedness and response planning, maritime transportation, oil industry oversight, and maritime risk assessment.  She is an accomplished strategist and analyst with the ability to synthesize complex technical information to inform policy and decision-making. … Read more

Tim Robertson

Tim was a founding partner of Nuka Research in 2004. Since 2020 he has continued to contribute to Nuka Research projects as an employee. Tim has provided marine environmental consultative services for more than 20 years. His professional experience also includes work in state and local government, the oil production industry, and oil spill response … Read more