Tony Parkin

Tony Parkin is an oil spill preparedness and response specialist with over 40 years of global marine experience in the oil and gas industry. He became involved in spill response as a Chief Scientist during the Exxon Valdez oil spill NRDA studies and has since aided the response of numerous large spill incidents, including the … Read more

Laura Sánchez

Laura is an accomplished research analyst with experience in population ecology, project planning, geospatial analysis, environmental policy, science communication, and foreign languages. Her interests in cultural diplomacy and conservation biology have led her through a wide range of professional experiences. She has led projects and collaborated with research institutions, government agencies, private consulting, and NGOs … Read more

Sam Butler

Sam Butler joined the Nuka Research Plymouth office as a Project Manager in 2022 after working with the Hawaii Department of Health (HDOH) as a Senior Consultant on the State’s vaccination support team. During this time, Sam led the development of several Statewide Vaccination Campaign Strategic Plans and COVID-19 After Action Reports (AARs). In 2020 … Read more

Haley Griffin

Haley is a graduate from the University of New England with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marine Affairs and a minor in Animal Behavior. Haley has gained experience through working with Nuka Research on international facilitation, oil spill contingency planning review and development, and circumpolar biodiversity monitoring. She plans to continue consulting or pursue conservation work … Read more

Olivia Norton

Olivia graduated from Massachusetts Maritime Academy in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Emergency Management. Olivia has experience working with emergency preparedness and response in many countries, such as Denmark, Nepal, and Haiti. After she finished her undergrad, Olivia moved to Nice, France, where she spent five months immersing herself in French culture and … Read more

Sharry Miller

Sharry Miller joined Nuka Research as a Senior Project Manager in 2019 after working for nine years with the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation in Valdez. During her time with ADEC, Sharry focused on crude oil tanker discharge prevention and contingency planning in Prince William Sound and Cook Inlet. She also worked with non-crude and … Read more

Sara Werba

Sara brings an administrative acumen honed through 13 years of operating her own small business, and three years as the Seldovia City Clerk. As a former restauranteur with a deep love for Alaska, she is adept at juggling multiple details in her job while also enjoying the ocean and life in and around Seldovia. Sara … Read more

Alisha Chartier

Alisha started working with Nuka Research in 2014 as a participant in Hazwoper training exercises. In 2015, she began contributing to projects as an Assistant Data Analyst. Alisha originally moved to Alaska at 18 and was based out of Anchorage for three years. In 2005, she spent the summer in Seldovia and moved there permanently … Read more

Kathleen George

Kathleen graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 1982 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science. Her concern for the natural world and wildlife has guided her in her journey as she moved from New Hampshire to Alaska in 1991 to continue her work with The Nature Conservancy. With the desire to … Read more

Christine Hall

Massachusetts born and raised, Christine discovered her love of numbers while studying at Northeastern University. After earning her BA in 2007 her goal was to escape city life, she has not looked back since. Christine is thrilled to live and work in America’s hometown with her husband and children. She brings her background in Accounting … Read more